I would like to be informed by you! If you have any answers to my questions please answer with an , i would be very grateful. The purpose of this is not only to find equipment for the lab, but also to share this with other filmmakers and visitors of the Lab. So read the questions if you like and react! Thanks in advance.

  • Do you own old types of super8 cartridges that you don't use? Please scan the image or logo for me so that i can add them to old super8 film types page. I would like to investigate how much there are or were in the world.
  • I am interested in processing chemicals and what they do. If you have any recepies that you could send me?
  • Where are nice super8 festivals in Europe? The ones that don't charge you for participating. They can be added on the 'varia' page.


  • Do you have any comment on my site or this one? Please let me know.
  • I am looking for wide angle lensen for Bauer P7 16mm projectors.

lipton super8 I got him :-)

  • Does anybody know where I can buy the Super8 Filmmaking book by Lenny Lipton? (The picture is of the other version). I really want a copy of this book so let me know were I can buy this book and I will help you in any other way I can. I could process your film without charge, or find something for you?
  • I would like to buy the UPB-1A Russian super8 and 16mm processing tanks for a reasonable price, this means not more than € 70,00 each or 75 US dollars.
  • Do you have a spare Cattozzo 16mm splicer? I want to use this for extra service if I start renting 16mm projectors.
  • Do you have any professional super8 camera's that you don't use? Sell them to the super8 lab! They will be used during workshops.
  • Do you know who can scan super8 in true HD quality?

Thanks to all who have send an e-mail until now. (07 January 2009)

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